Denver Area Gun Shops

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5280 Armory (web site)
5440 Marshall street #3 in Arvada
Phone: 720-898-4747



Jensen Arms (web site)
246 E. Fourth Street
Loveland, Colorado 80537
Phone: 970-663-5994


     I decided to take the drive up to Loveland this morning to take a look at Jensen Arms.  I'm really infatuated with the DSA FAL's and Jensen said that they had a few in stock.  Loveland is not in the Denver area but I thought I'd make the drive anyway and I think it was well worth the trip (even without any money).

     It took me an hour to get to Loveland.  You just hop on the I-25 and stay on it until you get to Loveland.  You head west after getting off the freeway and turn right (north) on Lincoln.  Up Lincoln a ways and turn left (west) on Fourth.  Its right there on your left (south side of the road).

     Jensen was smaller than I expected but the amount of cool stuff they have in there was great.  The shop is well organized, clean, and very nice.  The help in Jensen was great too.  They talked to me right away and were very knowledgeable about their products.  I chatted with one of the guys about the FAL for several minutes.

     I was surprised to find some great stuff that you don't usually find at most shops.  Jensen had all kinds of great politically incorrect gear/guns.  I saw guns like the Cetme, Kahr Thomson Gun, AK's, FAL's, and lots of other evil black rifles.  They have a great stock of optics, Royal Robbins clothes, surplus ammo and a whole rack of mags for your rifle (AR, AK, FAL).  I guess they were missing reloading stuff but the shop is so full as it is that they couldn't fit it in there if they wanted.

     Jensen is well worth the drive to go up and take a look at the shop.  I'd recommend calling beforehand if you're looking for something specific though.  It would not be fun to make the drive for nothing. 

Comments from other shooters:

I live about 4 blocks west of Jensens. It's where I buy all of my guns and gear. You're right, it is a great place.


Dave's Guns (web site) Out of Business (2007)
1842 South Parker Road Unit 15
Aurora, Colorado 80231
Phone: 303-337-9494


     Dave's is a pretty large shop with a great selection of handguns as well as a good rifle selection.  They carry a wide variety of different handgun lines.  I've never purchased anything from Dave's but service has always been top notch. Edit: there's one guy in there who always seems to wish that he (and you) were somewhere else.

     There are not many non-gun items for sale at Dave's.  You'll find a few cleaning supplies, holsters, gun cases, safes, etc.  Not much else.  Dave's has also recently begun to stock Pelican cases.  These are premium quality (and price) waterproof cases good for all kinds of stuff.  Their stock of gun safes is very good.  Maybe even the best that you'll find outside of a dedicated safe shop.  Dave's has also added a pretty good selection of knives and flashlights recently.

     Dave's does seem to have a great selection of AR's in stock.  I'm not too familiar with AR options or product lines but there are usually 6-12 AR's in his store.  This is good for the fans.  As most shops, he also has lots of hunting rifles and shotguns. 

     The used guns are off to the right in a separate section of the store.  The main Dave's rule applies here as well.  Selection is good, prices are bad.  He always seems to have nice stuff though.

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Comments from other shooters:

I've been in Dave's several times as it was one of the closer stores to my home. I bought my Colt 6400C there. I would like to echo several things about Dave's: good selection, poor prices. Assuming you can find what you want on the 'net, the prices are surely going to be better.

I would also add that the times I have been in there, the customer service has been pretty poor. On several occasions I would be standing at the counter, obviously looking like I wanted to speak with someone, and no one would acknowledge my presence. Not even a "we'll be with you shortly...". I would usually have to interrupt a conversation or wrangle someone from the back to get service  I probably visited Dave's a half a dozen times over the course of a couple of years - no matter who was behind the counter, the service was pretty much the same.


Rob's Guns (out of business)
2020 S. Parker Road #I
Denver, CO 80231
(303) 745-1180

     I stopped at Rob's guns for the first time the other day.  It was a mixed experience.  The service was very good and the salesman seemed very knowledgeable.  These were positives.

     The selection was pretty poor.  It seemed to be an odd mish-mash of whatever the owner happened to lay his hands on.  There seemed to be little consistency.  The shop was also VERY messy and disorganized.  It almost felt more like a pawn shop than a quality gun shop (I visited the pawn shop next door and it felt the same).

     There were no safes there and no reloading supplies.  The selection of gun accessories in general was rather poor.

     The owner did let me handle a custom .45 that had been built by the gunsmith at Denver .45.  He showed me a target that their range expert had shot as well.  It shot a 3/4" group from 25 yards.  It felt great in my hand and the trigger was sweet and smooth.  Very nice gun.  The price was pretty good too.

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Comments from other shooters:

I've been in Rob's as well. Most of what was said above it true - it does have a bit of a pawn shop feel to it. Also, I suggest that if you don't like the smell of smoke, steer clear of this place. The shop reeks of it.

Rob's was unfortunately involved in a smash and grab robbery a few months back 

If you are interested in military rifles/pistols, I don't think this is the place for you. I did see an M1 and a Moisan Nagant, but they didn't have a ready stock of rifles on hand. The people behind the counter were personable though and willing to help you locate what you are looking for.


The Gun Room
1595 Carr
Lakewood, CO 80214
Phone: 303-237-1300

      I went by the Gun room about a week ago.  It was a pretty good experience.  The Gun Room seems to cater to hunters a bit more than some other shops although they did have some interesting items there.

     The Gun Room had a VERY large selection of rifles.  More rifles than I've seen at most other local shops.  They also had some HK rifles that are rather uncommon, including some nice pre-ban HK rifles.

     They also had a good selection of revolvers.  I'm not a big revolver fan, so I can't really comment too much here but many of them looked like great quality products.

     The service at The Gun Room was great.  Their was only 1 guy there but he was VERY helpful and informative.  He answered all my questions and was a very nice guy.  They had a nice little dog that my son played with for a while.



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Comments from other shooters:

Friendly helpful people and a fantastic selection. Prices seem to be all over the map. Highest prices I've seen on some items, lowest on others.


Green Mountain Guns
11078 W Jewell Ave # B4
Lakewood, CO 80232
(303) 985-7240

     Green Mountain guns is a rather well known gun shop.  I visited for the first time recently to peruse the stock and see what they were all about. 

     The shop is pretty small but there's lots of stuff packed into that little space.  The service and selection were both pretty good.  They even had some reloading gear although they don't have enough room to sell presses.  They do have powder, primer, brass and bullets.  Prices were pretty standard for these items.

     They had lots of handguns and rifles packed into the little shop.  I was looking for 2 things in particular and found neither.  I was looking for an FN FAL and a VEPR K (Robinson Arms).  I was disappointed to find that they did not have anything like that in stock.  They did nevertheless have a large stock of AR type rifles alone with hunting rifles and shotguns.

     Service was pretty good.  The salesmen were courteous and helpful even though my 2 year old son tore an advertising poster off the wall (and in half).  2 year olds are faster than you think.

     They don't have room for safes at Green Mountain guns.  They do a pretty good job at stocking a wide variety of accessories despite being in such a cramped location.

     I think it was a pretty good shop over-all.


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Comments from other shooters:

GMG is great, I do all my transfers there as well as my new and consigned purchases. Always been treated well, staff is courteous and knowledgeable.

A+ place as far as im concerned

It's an ok place, lots of used stuff to look over.

they had lots of AR's and a AR-180b last time I was there.

I just wish I had mo money... 

I will say that the "gunsmith" they had there a year ago wasn't worth crap, messed up a simple mauser build of a friends. mind you I did say a year ago... so current results may differ.

I would have to agree... I was calling around for a different handgun 2-3 months back and found a Glock 23 there. Upon going to get it I found the service to be fast, great and they have a lot of other products there as well. I'll be headed back there for sure!

Green Mountain Guns has what I believe to be the best combination of selection and prices. You may be able to find a better price, and you can find better selection but you won't find a better combination both anywhere else in Denver. Customer service has been friendly in the last year. There are often very good deals to be had in the used/consignment case.


Gunsmoke Custom Gunsmithing Web Site
3650 Wadsworth Blvd
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 
(303) 456-4545

Coming Soon


Gun Works of Colorado (out of business)
3355 S Yarrow St # E-113
Lakewood, CO 80227
(303) 986-9412

     I was directed to Gunworks by a person who had an item on consignment that I wanted to look at (Kahr K9 Elite).  I made the trip out to the west side of town and found the shop very easily by printing out a map from Yahoo: Maps.  The shop is situated just off of Wadsworth in a little commercial area on the west side of Wadsworth.

     The shop was pretty large inside with a good selection of lots of different shooting do-dads.  They even had a good supply of Fort Knox safes.  This impressed me as not many shops carry the quality Fort Knox products.

     Gun selection was pretty good.  They had a pretty good supply of both handguns and rifles.  I was most pleased to find that they had two of the gun that I was wanting to look at.  They had a DSA FAL and a much rarer FN FAL Paratrooper.  Both were consignment items in pristine condition.  The Paratrooper is probably even worth the $3000 price tag.  They also had a really nice HK sniper rifles.  I was not familiar with the model (not a sniper expert) but it was a consignment item being sold by a retired sniper for the Denver police department.  It had a weighted stock and a 60X scope.

     The service here was great.  The salespeople were very helpful and went out of their way to answer any questions.  They asked around to try to find the answer if they did not know it themselves.  They were very friendly and very welcoming.  I was quite impressed.

     The shop also has a reloading section.  It seemed that they normally have more reloading supplies than what was there at the time.  There were lots of empty spaces on the shelves where there are probably usually products.  They do seem to have a good selection of dies, powders, etc.

     Overall, I was very impressed with this shop.  The selection was only "pretty good" but it was really a good shop.  I'd never hesitate to buy anything from them here.

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Gunbarrel Trading Post (out of business)
10107 W 37th Pl
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
(303) 940-9078

Comments from other shooters:

     Don't forget the Gunbarrel Trading Post on Kipling! He's got the best prices on Rugers and specializes in stuff for Cowboy Action Shooting and has plenty of cast bullets in stock. He's (Don) a super nice guy too.

French's Gun Shop (out of business)
258 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203 
(303) 777-5657

Comments from other shooters:

     French's Gun Shop downtown is fun to visit for a laugh. He always looks like he's in the middle of moving because the place is FILLED with cardboard boxes and is an absolute MESS and doesn't have anything. I don't even know what he sells because when I went in there he had a couple guns, no reloading stuff and no accessories. Just boxes of junk. Check it out.

Tom and Joe's Firearms (rumored to be on their way out of business)
12627 West 32nd Avenue
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
      I stopped by Tom and Joe's for the first time a few days ago.  It seems that I showed up at a bad time though.  The sign on the door said that they would be closed for about 10 days due to surgery.  I conclude from that sign that Tom and Joe's is a sole proprietorship and the owner has no employees.  I guess I found it a bit strange that there was nobody to watch the shop while the owner underwent surgery.

     I've heard a few things about the shop.  I've heard that its VERY small (I looked in the window to confirm this) and the prices are good.  Some people say that the owner has a bad attitude but that opinion varies from person to person.  Others say that he's a great guy.

     I'll do a more thorough review when I get time to drop by again.


Comments from other shooters:

     My first experience with Tom's was similar to other's. He seems to have several "groupies" or friends that come in 2-4 times a week just to BS. The shop is so small that there really isn't room for a lounge. Some, including a good friend of mine, think he has an attitude. I've gotten to know him fairly well (from buying many guns from him) and think he's first rate.

     For me price is number one. When I'm ready to buy I already know exactly what I want right down to the exact model number. All guns are shipped overnight, so if you don't mind waiting a day or so it is the place to buy. I have shopped all over town and have never found better prices. He sells a ton of guns because of his prices. His shop is small and he is one-man operation but that's exactly how I want it to stay. Low overhead means the best prices in town on both guns and ammo. Before you buy somewhere else, call him for a quote.

a friend and I stopped by here one day and were givin the 'not too warm' reception. there were 2 others in there at the same time and we were basicly not 'one of the guys'. I won't go back here either.

I bought my AR here, when I picked it up the Guy was as nice as could be . Even showing how to field strip it. I went in a couple of month's later, He had a couple of other guy's in there and acted as if I didn't count for anything. I haven't been back. It was the same Guy.


Cal's Sporting Armory
3431 S. Federal Blvd. #E
Sheridan, CO 80110
     I had a very bad experience at Cal's.  I was in the shop for about 15 minutes and the owner never even spoke to me.  It could be wrong but I don't think he even LOOKED at me during that time.  I perused the shop for a few minutes taking in the assorted gear that was present. 

     Cal's stocks Blackhawk gear, which many local shops do not carry.  Many people prefer not to buy blackhawk gear because it is make in Asia.  Manufacturing was moved to Asia a few years back but there was no corresponding decrease in prices.  It seems that the owners are not passing the savings on to their customers, they are passing it to themselves in the form of increased profits.  Some people have noticed a drop in quality as well.

     I found Cal's a little bit confusing.  They cater to lots of law enforcement agencies and they place lots of LEO items out on display.  It is therefore difficult for us non-LEO to tell what stuff we can buy and what stuff we cannot buy.  That can be a bit confusing.

     The shop was in terrible shape while I was there.  There were tons of UPS boxes laying around.  I'm not sure if that is the standard condition of the place or if it was only because they had gotten a big shipment.

     Another thing that I thought was strange was that you have to be buzzed into the shop.  The main door is locked and there is a buzzer that you push to be let into the shop.  Perhaps they have been robbed in the past and had to increase security but it was a bit strange to me.

     I would recommend against going to Cal's for the time being.  The customer service was the poorest that I've ever seen in Denver.  Perhaps other people have had different experiences but this was mine.


Comments from other shooters:

I did business with him in the past and was satisfied.. however that all changed..

last time in there I was treated like you were and have heard same report from others.. sounds like his store hasn't changed.. also, he stirred up a big stink with some competitors and the atf, and a couple other things you can find if you search falfiles and arfcom..

I went in here once,,,, I came away with the impression that IF it was the LAST Gunshop on Earth and I had a million buck's to spend, I would go spend my million on fishing equipment. I have never been treated so rudely in my life. My DI in BCT treated me with more respect. I'll never go back again.

Today i had my wife order me an Aimpoint HK scope mount from Cals. I had the product number and figured that would work, well the man on the phone wanted a description of the product instead, then put her on hold for 10 minuets, then decided that a product number would work, then on hold again for 5 minuets. During this whole thing she described the person as rude. When she asked for a total for the order it was on hold again. It should not take 30 minuets to do this. This is the second time a rude sales person has done this to someone i know or to myself. I think i will deal with SWFA from now on as they are always nice and knowledgeable on the phone.

I have bought a couple items at Cal's and both times had to put up with rudness beyond belief. Their condescending attitude gives a bad name to gun owners. After waiting over 2 hours for a background check to clear (not Cal's fault), my wife asked politely if she could use his bathroom. She was refused and had to walk to the gas station across the street and this purchase was for several thousand dollars!

Are you guys talking about the Cals Sporting Armory in Denver Colorado? If so that guys a class A prick. His shop is crap and his service is crap. Yes he has some cool toys for sale but only to LEO. I have had the pleasure of his company at a local show here in CO and can say with all honesty that he is a loser and I am shocked that he continues to stay open and not go broke. He must some good LEO clients keeping him afloat. Its to bad that the boys and girls in blue buy from a jagoff like him. I spend way to much dough each year on this kind of stuff and I am proud to say that he has not got one red cent of mine. You should all do yourselves a favor and stay clear of him. Just my to cents.

My 1 experience with Cal's was about the same. I got buzzed in and looked around for 10 minutes or so and no one even acknowledged me. (If they have to buzz you in, they can't make the excuse that they didn't know you're in there!) I didn't care as I didn't want to buy anything anyway. The guy there was on the phone with customer and I remember chuckling to myself about how he was treating the person on the other end.


Denver Bullets and Ammunition
1600 W. 13th Ave.
Denver, CO 80204

 (out of business)


Dean's Firearms Ltd.
7024 W. Colfax Ave.
Lakewood, CO 80214

 (out of business)